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Womens Mid Calf Boots Size 11

These boots are best-in-class fit for your female style and style, these boots are good quality and look great. They are good quality and will last, these boots are best-in-class value for your money.

Women's Mid Calf Boots Size 12

These women's mid calf boots will help you stay warm in the cold winter months, the boots are also good for preventing the receding hair lines that can occur after graded use and are beneficial addition to your winter wardrobe. This is a peerless pair of boots for a day out on the beach or a day at the beach, they are good walking boot and are good for weathering risks well. The shoes are small bit on the hot side but overall they are good pair of boots, these calf boots will make you feel warm and dry while out in the rain. They are also shock-resistant for a better feel and last for longer in the rain, these boots are sensational fit for women who ache to wear them without having to worry about them feeling too high or too high in the front. They're low on the front and also take good care of the ankles, so they're splendid for walking the dog or hiking in.